That Old Fashioned Work Ethic

It always amazes me when people think they can just be a drummer, or be a guitarist, or be a painter, or be a dancer. "Here, give me those sticks, I can play drums!" 


Yeah, right.

There's also the people who put in a little effort and wonder why they haven't made it yet??? What do they expect? Everyone wants to be discovered, wants to be the new media idol, but no one wants to put in the work!


I remember when I was a teen and just starting out on my musical career. I really did practice 4-8 hours a day. All my spare time was consumed with practicing (practising for my Brit & Canadian friends). In fact, my parents had to tell me to stop! And when I wasn't practicing, I was listening to music, trying to figure it out. When I got older and had to work, then got married and raised a family, I didn't have the luxury of that much time to practice, but I still put my time in, as much as I could. So I can honestly say that I've put in my time these past 40 years. The same goes for my writing career. I've always written. I've submitted hundreds of things, gotten rejected, and kept going, working hard to perfect my craft.

Now if you're upset because you're not really doing it yet, maybe it's because you're not really doing it yet! Don't expect to just become a star, or to be discovered, without putting your time in. Repeat after me:


If you really want it, then go for it. Work for it. And don't stop until you get it. BTW, no whining along the way!

~ MB


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