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Practice vs Performance

A lot of people don't seem to realize that there is a great difference between practice and performance . They also don't realize that while it's important to practice, it's also important to practice your performance. Practice For me, practice is where I work out things, like technical details, logistics, body mechanics, and everything else associated with making the music work.  It's important to get the notes down and to get down how to make those notes. As a percussionist, touch is of utmost importance. Even slight variations of how we touch the instruments with our mallets/sticks can bring about a great variation in the resulting sound/tone/timbre. Within a phrase or passage, it's important to have a consistency of sound.  I also find it important to work out the logistics of moving around a large multiple percussion set up. I need to be able to easily go from one instrument to another. I also need to be able to change mallets without interrupt