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Sometimes You Just Have To Make The Best Of Things

It's October 1st tomorrow. Where has the summer gone? There were lots of gigs and lots of travel. And in between both of those there were new projects. Like upgrading my studio with almost all new gear, which is mostly still in boxes because the whole house is in disarray as we finally tackled some remodeling projects. I also bought a lot of new percussion gear, half of it still sitting in boxes, because, well, the studio has become a storage space until things around here are finished. But I figured it was time to get back to this blog. You Can't Always Get What You Want So what's a percussionist to do? You just keep working as best as you can. I am mixing a recording for my son, and had to rig up a mixing set up. So my new monitors are on 2 percussion trap tables, while I'm using the top of a short bookshelf for a desk to hold my MacBook and interface. It's not ideal, but it works. Sometimes you just have to make the best of things. Like with rented