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The Importance Of Connecting With Non-Drummers

As drummers, we can often be an insular bunch. We tend to hang out with other drummers, sharing stories, sharing licks, sharing ideas. While this is good to a point, we often end up sharing the same stories, licks, and ideas over and over.  Drummers are a tight group. We speak the same language, we share an unspoken brotherhood . Attend a typical drum clinic, and you will find a room full of fanatics, ready to applaud at every beat played. Attend 10 or more drum clinics, and you will also tend to hear the same questions asked over and over: What type of head do you use on your snare?     Can you explain the beat you played on X?   How can I play faster double bass/snare rudiments/jazz ride?     What's it like to work with X? etc, etc, etc. And that can be a problem. If our world consists of only drums & drummers, we're not exposed to other opinions, ideas, or thoughts that reside outside of the drumming box . Workshop at Cal Arts A rece