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It's Right There

It's right there next to you.  Your drum/guitar/keyboard/trumpet/voice—it's right there.  Turn this computer off and play it for half an hour, an hour, all afternoon.  Remember why you took it up in the first place... ~ MB

The Nature of the Gong and its Vibrations

"The Gong Is the spiritual Universe manifested in physical form."   Singal Rinpoche  If you go through ancient sacred texts, and modern physics research, they will both tell you that the Universe is made up of vibrations. All matter is vibrating at different frequencies: sound, light, infrared, gas, liquid, solid, plasma—all are in a perpetual state of vibration. You are vibrations, I am vibrations, the chair you sit in is vibrations, the air you breathe, the water you drink—you get the idea.  The Gong is a portal to these vibrations. The Gong's vibrations can help activate and tune your vibrations, aligning & balancing your Chakras and energy grid. Think of it as a sort of sonic acupuncture . Bathing in the Gong's vibrations tunes the body. The other aspect is how the vibrations affect the brain. The 4 states of the brain are: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.  Beta is the normal, wide awake state.  Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ.   Alpha is a more

What to Look for When Buying a Gong

Today's blog is a revised & updated blog I posted 3 years ago on my old website. I'm always having people ask me about buying a Gong. Well, here's some tips: •••••••• So you’ve decided to get a Gong. The first thing to ask is, what will I use a Gong for? What type of music do you play? Do you want to use it in a rock band, a jazz band, solo? Are you looking for a meditation device? These are important questions and will help determine what type and size of Gong to get.  One important thing to look at is how big a Gong do you want? Gongs are heavy. Gongs are not easy to transport. If this Gong will stay in your house/studio, then that makes it easy to have a larger size. But if you plan to travel in a band with it,  you need to look at the impact a different size Gong will have on transporting it.  A lot of drummers want a Gong because they look cool and sound cool. They also want that type of sound in their percussive arsenal.  A good place to star