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The Nature of Time - Part 1

Here's a piece out of my book,  Energy & Motion . I've spent a lot of time thinking about, well,  time . As drummers, we are often referred to as time keepers , but we actually do so much more with time. We can stretch it, compress it, move it to different levels, drop it completely, and even make it stand still. But these actions really depend on what type of music we are playing.  If you think about it, we are much more than just time keepers , we are more like time guides . Everything we do has to do with energy. We actually manage energy and determine how it moves through time. We can play on the beat, ahead of the beat, behind the beat, creating a sense of push & pull in the music.  So the next time you play, think about what you are playing and how it moves through time . ~ MB * * * About Time & Motion D rumming is much more than just time keeping . At its most basic, drumming is a series of  rhythmic events moving through time. But there a