Strange Phenomena

Like most musicians, I rarely listen to my own recordings—hey, I wrote it, and was there when it was recorded, so I really don’t need to hear it again—I’m always on to the next thing. The only time I actually listen to things, is when I’m recording/mixing it, when I’m putting together a program/set list (so I can get the right flow), or when I need to learn something I haven’t played in a while.

So a while back I was busy working on things in my office, with music playing on iTunes in the background, when a new song came on and caught my attention. It was a percussion piece (I have 76 different percussion albums in iTunes) and I was listening intently. “That sounds pretty cool, sort of like something I would do.” I listened some more and thought, “I wonder who does that.” Upon checking iTunes, I was totally shocked to find out it was one of my own tunes! Crazy world…

~ MB


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