A Sextuplet Exercise

It's been a while since I posted a blog that featured an actual notated drum exercise, so I thought I would post something I've been using with my students.

Here is a rather simple sextuplet exercise that is great for right & left hand balance, and is also a great warm up (play on pad, drum, hand drum, etc.). It's a repeating 5-bar exercise where each bar changes the sticking for the note pattern:

Here's the quick breakdown for each measure:

  1. Single strokes starting with the Right Hand.
  2. Paradiddle-diddles.
  3. Double Paradiddles - notice that the ending 8th notes are L R, so that the next measure starts with the Left Hand.
  4. Double strokes.
  5. Single Paradiddles - notice that the last paradiddle is 2-16ths & 2-8ths. This leads to the repeat starting with the Left Hand.
As drummers, we often tend to accent the 1st note of a given note group, like a sextuplet. 

There are no accents here. 

Play each note the same and make each measure sound the same, no matter what the sticking.

  1. Add Bass Drum on the quarter notes and Hi-hat on 2 & 4.
  2. Add Bass Drum on 1 & 3, and Hi-hat on 2 & 4.
  3. Reverse the above 2 foot patterns.
  4. On drum set, play each measure on a different drum.
  5. Play the whole exercise as a crescendo, then as a decrescendo on the repeat.
  6. Change the dynamic each time you repeat: play it all f, repeat it p, repeat it mf, etc…
Have fun!

~ MB


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