Burning Down The House

We've all been there: dead ends, wrong turns, failed ideas. Sometimes you just have to be willing to start over, go back to square one. There's nothing wrong with that. The best and most successful people in history have all failed at one time or another. 

The trick is knowing when to stop, when to say no more.

Sometimes you have the greatest idea, you work and work on it, yet it still doesn't become something usable. 


Take a serious look at it.

If the idea just doesn't work, toss it.

If the idea is still good, file it away for the future.

Nature does this. When a forest or prairie becomes too congested, a fire comes along to clear out the debris and overgrowth so new life and healthy plants can thrive. 

Sometimes we accumulate too much baggage along our journey.

Baggage of ideas.

Baggage of thoughts.

Baggage of rhythms.

These can clog our thinking and lead us into repetition of old ideas and stagnation of creativity. Don't be afraid to clear it all out and start fresh, start new.

What baggage is holding you back?

~ MB


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