A 4 Year Anniversary

This is a monumental post, as I celebrate 4 years of writing Percussion Deconstruction, and almost 200 blog posts! I never started writing this with anything in mind other than to write about percussion. I had no expectations or goals—just to write and share what I know, what I think. 

My previous blog, Vibrations, was attached to my old website and ran for almost 3 years and had 52 posts. Concurrent with this blog, I also write The Way Of The Gong, which has been going for almost 1 year, and has had 43 posts. Add to that all the articles I've written for Modern Drummer, AVANT, DownBeat, and other magazines, and I've written a lot about percussion/sound/music.

I've covered a lot of ground in those 4 years here. If you are new here, I recommend going back and reading the older posts. I'm still planning on collecting the best posts (some of them expanded/updated), plus some new material, into a book. Watch for that sometime this year.

To all my readers out there, thank you for giving me a read, and for all the interesting and wonderful comments. I must admit, after almost 200 posts here, it sometimes gets difficult to come up with things to write about, but I plan to keep going, as long as you keep reading.

Thanks again ~ MB


  1. I must admit I didn't know about your blog till 1 year ago when I searched for "percussion blog" on google. After reading some of your posts you inspired me to create something similar. So, thank you Michael and congratulations! :)


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