The Glamorous Life

Today is Friday. I got up early, loaded my instruments into my van, then drove to a local place I arranged to use, set everything up, and then waited for the television people to come for 10am. You see, a few weeks ago I presented a Gong Meditation session that a local news anchor happened to attend. He was suitably impressed by the experience and passed his enthusiasm onto someone who does a local afternoon show at the station. He said that what I do might make an interesting story. So after a few phone calls with the person from the show, we arranged to get together and shoot something that hopefully could be used.

So it's early and I am the Gongman. We talk, I play, he interviews me. He's knocked out by the Gongs and their vibrations (everyone is the first time they experience them). His enthusiasm for this shoot grows by the minute. So does mine. Once we get things going, it's actually fun. There's so much to explore. I feel like we've only touched the surface, and in a rather hurried way. But this is good. This is spreading the word.

So now the waiting starts. Waiting to find out when this will air and how much (we spent an hour together) will actually be seen and heard. I think we got a lot of good stuff to use. Hopefully the folks back at the station will too. So I wait…

Hopefully the finished piece will be available on the web. I'll let you know and post a link if it is.

~ MB


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