The Endorsement Change Haters

Ahhh, the haters are out in force again. Aerosmith's Joey Kramer has moved from his longtime Ludwig endorsement to Pearl drums. And people are posting to drum forums their displeasure in this (one forum has 48 posts as of this writing). I can only laugh! How does one drummer changing his brand of drums affects the rest of the drum community? The same thing happened a few months back when Vinnie Colaiuta decided to part ways with Ludwig drums after a short time.

I fail to see where any artist has signed a life long 
endorsement contract. People change. Companies change.

I also fail to see why this is such a big deal. Are all you Ludwig players now feeling sad or betrayed? Are you Pearl players feeling vindicated? They're just drums. I can't believe the amount of condescending and hateful comments from drummers across the web in both of these situations. We are ALL free to choose and play what we want. 

Play what you want. Change your mind, and play something different…

~ MB


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