Year End Review - Thanks

I'd like to take the time to thank some people who helped make 2013 particularly memorable:

Barry Paul Clark, Devon Drobka, Dave Schoepke, Nick Lang, and Timothy Dries (Unrehearsed) for musical mayhem and inspiration. You allowed me to really push things past the creative boundaries.

Tim Shahady, Andrew Shreve, and all at Paiste for your continued support.

Mike Balter of Mike Balter Mallets for your continued support and great mallets.

Victor Salazar and all at Vic's Drum Shop for being the great folks you are.

Ebay for helping me find all those weird things I like so much.

Mode, ECM, and Cantaloupe Records for producing amazing music that both pushes and inspires me.

All the people who came out to my concerts, Gong sessions, clinics and workshops. You made things happen and were all part of the magic!

All the people and places that hosted my musical events. Let's all do it again in 2014.

All my friends around the country, and around the world, who are so supportive of the music and art I make. 

And finally, my wife & family. They don't always understand what I'm doing, but encourage it anyway.

~ MB


  1. THank you!! Let's play soon we're neighbors! would love to get deep into some sonic territories with you! have you heard the new Roscoe Mitchell Tyshawn Sorey Duets

  2. Hi Michael, greeting from Peru , i just saw yours instruction video from YouTube and are amazing , thx from shared
    let me ask you a question, i wanna know what sort of mallet (the first seconds) is he using to hit the gong this guy in this video?

    Thx a Lot


    1. Hello Joaquin! The mallets you are asking about are friction mallets (also called 'flumie'). It looks like he's using the Emil Richards Super Rub mallets made by Mike Balter. I use them too, and they work really well on all types of Gongs. Check them out here:,168.html

      Thanks for the comment!

    2. Hi Mr.Michael , Thank a Lot for your time and the answers

    3. a Last Question , This could work with a gong of different size ? smaller ? 23 inch, for sample ,
      PD Thx for accept my FB request.


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