PASIC - Part 3: Lessons Learned

I remember going to some PASIC conventions in the past (mostly the 1990s) and coming away thinking many of the clinics were just wankfests.

Big name metal and fusion drummers, playing big drum kits, just wanking off in all manner of over the top technique. These big name artists drew in the crowds, but what they played was a lot like fast food, in that it filled you up, but didn't really last. If any lesson was learned by me, it was to try and be musical in my own playing.

I'm happy to say that for drum set, 2012's PASIC was all about the groove. Artists like Ndugu, Steve Gadd, Stanton Moore, Tony Smith, and Mark Walker all showed the beauty of the groove. Sure they all have great chops, but they also showed great restraint and taste in using them. And the grooves were infectious. You could just feel the whole room lock into Ndugu laying down Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. Bass drum on 1&3, snare on 2&4, 8th notes on the hi-hat. You can't play simpler than that. But Ndugu brought the house down. In the land of a million notes, the groove wins every time.

I love big drum sets, I love big technique, but I love big groove more. 

Don't ever forget to groove

~ MB. 


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