Out of Exile

So, I've gone and done it now. I've actually gotten myself into a situation where I will be opening the show for Chicago Prog band, DISTRICT 97, at Shank Hall here in Milwaukee on October 11th. In case you know nothing about DISTRICT 97, go here and check them out, their music is fantastic.

As for me, while I live in Milwaukee, I rarely play here. In fact, the last time I played here was Sept 2007! That's five years ago. I've been in exile. In case you know nothing about me, go here to check out my music, which is interesting (I'd say fantastic, but that would sound like bragging. Interesting will do. You can decide if it's fantastic or not).

For the show, I plan on playing selections from my extended compositions SOUNDINGS & SCATTERED LIGHT. But then I might change my mind and play something else entirely. I'll know at the gig. You'll know too.

So please come out, celebrate my return to Milwaukee, dig DISTRICT 97, and maybe we can get pizza after the gig…

~ MB


  1. Have a splendid show Michael! Wish I could attend. Any chance of having it filmed?
    John Orsi

  2. Video and/or audio may be a possibility…



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