What Am I Trying to Do Here?

Why in the world do I take the time to write this blog? I certainly don't need to hear myself talk, or more correctly, read my own writing. But I've been involved in music most of my life, and in that time I've been fortunate enough to not only be a musician, but to also write about music, interview musicians, sell musical instruments, manufacture musical instruments, teach & lecture about music, compose & produce music, and a lot of other connected activities. 

Now I'm not saying I'm any better at anything than anyone else, but I do have a wide view perspective on drums & music, and I try to keep my finger on the pulse of things. So, this little corner of blogdom is just me trying to pass on relevant information, wisdom, and hopefully, inspiration, for you readers out there.

And please remember, unless you take a minute to comment, I'm just talking to myself…

~ MB

BTW, please have a look at my revamped website: www.gongtopia.com


  1. Dear Michael, PLEASE DO NOT STOP writing on your blog! Here you have a portuguese reader that enjoys your posts a lot!

    Greetings from Portugal!

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you enjoy things all the way from Portugal. I plan to keep writing. This blog has been going for a year and a half now, and the one before it went for about 3 years, so I've been pretty consistent with this writing thing.

    ~ MB


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