The Importance of Clarity in Your Sound

As a percussionist, it's so easy just to hit things, to create a rhythm, and all without any consideration for the actual sound we are making. As much care as we give to the rhythms we make, we need to give that same care to the sounds we make. 

If we just play without clean and musical sounds, the rhythms we produce can be muddy and indiscriminate. While there are times we may want dirty and messy sounds, in my experience, most times clear and focused sounds are what is needed.

“My assignment is to furnish the essence of the sound material in the best condition to the listener or space. While focusing on this endeavour, I transcend my sense of self. In my own way, I create sounds, and by myself, I emit them. It’s that simple. So to speak, it’s like living off the land.” Japanese Percussionist, Midori Takada

Clear sounds can get our musical message across better. Clear sounds also work well with each other, especially during dense or fast passages where clarity is needed. But above all, clear sounds bring out the best in the instruments we play and transmit that to the audience.

When you practice, it's not enough to play the notes and rhythms correctly, you need to also make them sound good. Take the time to listen to what you are playing. 

Is the sound clear? 
Is the sound musical? 
Is the sound something you would want to hear as a listener?

~ MB

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