Making Choices

Our artistic careers are a series of choices that we make: go to this school, learn this style, take that gig, turn this other gig down, go for the money, go for the art, etc. Lots of choices that form a path we take.

And it's easy to look at someone else's choices and say they “sold out,” or they made a wrong choice. But we don't live their life, we don't know their circumstances. If you have a family of young kids, you may take any and all gig offers so that you can put food on the table. If you are single, or just have a spouse, you may have the luxury of choosing what gigs to take. Or maybe you just love playing and take all the gigs because it's an adventure. Or you might decide to only take gigs within a certain style. The thing is, the choices are always yours and no one else's.    

I know that I can look at other artists and think, “I wouldn't have made that choice.” But that doesn't need to be a criticism on their choice, because I'm not them and wasn't put in the place to make that choice. I hear a lot of artists criticize other artists for their choices. But that is a waste of time. 

Make your choices and stand by them, but don't criticize the choices of others. Life is too short. Take care of your own business and be supportive of others. After all, you want them to be supportive of you.

~ MB


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