Be Yourself Because You Are The Best YOU

When any artist starts out, they copy those who came before them in order to get a foundation for what they do. And this is fine. We all should have a sense of history, a sense of what came before us to lead us to the present moment. But there comes a time when most of us should cut the cord and go off on our own.

The main problem with copying someone is that you will always be a copy, not an innovator. And even if you keep up with the latest things, the originator will always be one or more steps ahead of you. Your artistic life will either be stagnant in one place, or in a state of perpetual catch up. 

I always find it interesting when I come across someone copying something I do, or did. In fact, just a while ago I found someone online who had copied the verbiage from my brochure almost exactly. At first I was shocked, then a bit angered. But then I got over it because I realized that I had already moved beyond what they copied, so they were taking old ideas.

"You can copy what I do, but you can't DO what I do…"

So I'm always a step or 2 ahead of those who take anything from me.

Be yourself. Be your best self everyday…

~ MB 


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