Unified Artistic Theory

If you are a musician, or any type of artist, you probably have some sort of studio or creative space that you work in. A lot of time we think about our working time as only being when we are in the studio. I want to talk about being "in the studio" when you are other places. 

I have come to see my studio as any and everywhere. As much as I find myself physically working in my studio, I also find myself other places, like concerts, book/CD stores, museums, coffee shops, etc. where I'm gathering information & ideas to bring back to my physical studio. I may not step into my studio for days, but I'm always, as Julia Cameron would say, "filling the well." I think it's important to see how we are working on our art more than we think. Even going to the store and buying supplies/equipment is working on our art. This is not to negate the importance of being physically present in your studio doing your art, but don't get so hung up that you think that is the only place you are working on things. I even find taking a walk a great time to think ideas over and find inspiration. So don't forget to think outside the studio.

Another aspect of this is what I call my "Unified Artistic Theory." While I'm primarily a musician, I'm also a writer, a photographer, a graphic designer, etc. I used to think of these things as being separate from each other: today I am a musician, yesterday I was a writer, etc. The big A-HA moment came for me when I realized that all my endeavors came from the same source, and were the same thing expressed in different mediums. So whether I'm making music, or writing, I'm working on my art and it all comes from, and back to the same source. So making music can inform/inspire my writing, or other creative endeavor. In the same way, cooking in the kitchen is really no different. I find it a creative outlet from the same source. So for me, it was important to realize that my art was all encompassing, and that when I feed one part, I feeds all parts. Everything is connected. Find the connections.

~ MB


  1. Thank you very much for another inspring insight; I completely agree and I find myself in your descriptions, I like the concept; my studio is everywhere,....so are the connections°


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