PASIC 2012

PASIC 2012 is next week in Austin, Texas. I'm looking forward to being there, both because I'm presenting a clinic session on "The Healing Sounds of Gongs & Singing Bowls," but also because of the John Cage 100th Birthday Celebration. There are a lot of great performances of Cage's percussion music, as well as music inspired by him, and music from his contemporaries. I'm also looking forward to checking out & playing the latest gear at the exhibits, and am looking to spend a few dollars at Steve Weiss Music and a few other places.

I was fortunate to have presented a session on "Contemporary Gong Use" at the 2005 PASIC in Columbus, Ohio. It remains one of my best experiences ever. I love to talk about and play Gongs for people, especially fellow percussionists. And there is nothing like having people you admire and listen to at your session. Quite amazing.

So I hope to see some of you there. Please stop by, say "Hello" afterwards. I'll also be hanging out at my sponsors exhibits—Paiste & Mike Balter Mallets.

Some shots from PASIC 2005:

Playing the Philippine Kulantang Gongs

Photo credit: Crystal Trowbridge/CGT Photo

~ MB


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