Break It Down To Build It Up Again

I'm working on some new music, getting ready to record. I've got a title for the whole project, it's a theme really. And I have a vision in my mind of sort of how it will be, but I'm leaving everything open so that it will become what it becomes. 

One thing I'm sure of, it will be different. Why should I do the same thing again? I already did it. So I'm designing things, set ups of instruments, a new drum set, new instruments to build even. I haven't physically played even one note, but I've played them all in my mind. 

I've always thought that I don't compose as much as I channel these sounds, these patterns, from some other realm. They often appear wholly formed, complete; all I need is to grab them and get them down. At other times I open the channel and things just pour though me. I don't even know what's happened until I'm finished and I listen to it. 

One thing I've learned over the years is to get out of the way! Think about what you do. Do you ever just get in the way of your creativity? Do you think too much, censor your ideas, are you afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, are you afraid of failing? Get out of your own way and let the creativity flow!!!

“No great art has ever been made without the artist having known danger”~ Ranier Maria Rilke

Be dangerous…

~ MB


  1. Yes indeed Micha. I too am learning to get out of my own way. And yes of course, all original music is channeling. I am reminded today to surrender to the process, to commit to serving Spirit and the All, and be open to being guided to how it should develop in accordance with our soul. DarShan.


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