Don't Ever Apologize for Your Art

10 Weeks to Better Drumming - Part 4

How many times have you seen someone post a soundclip/MP3 on the web and write something like: 

"Sorry about the quality of this track. I can't afford time in a real studio, so I recorded it in my bedroom on my computer" 

(I actually received this in an e-mail with a link today). 
Or how about seeing someone live in a club: 

"This is a new song we wrote, sorry if it's not that good yet."

What is your initial reaction? Are you persuaded by their statement, thinking it will not be very good? Sure you are! I know that I am.

If something really isn't ready for public consumption, then don't reveal it until it's ready!!! You only do yourself a great disservice by releasing inferior product that you don't believe in.

On the other hand, if something really is good, and you believe in it, then don't ever apologize for it! Yes, it may not be at the same level as  many well established artists in all disciplines, but people probably aren't expecting it to be either. This doesn't mean to put any and everything you create out there (self editing is a necessary thing), but if what you have is good, then it will show through, and people will get it. Let your work be judged on its own merit. This goes whether it's music, painting, dance, literature - anything. Just believe in yourself and your work, and others will too! 

Don't ever apologize for your art!!!

~ MB


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