Only Your Right Hand Knows You're Left Handed…

10 Weeks to Better Drumming - Part 1

OK, this is such a simple but effective thing to do. If you are right-handed, then you'll be working with your left hand (reverse things for lefties). Most of us percussionists have a problem with our dominant hand being, well, dominant. Let's first take a look at our lives and how we do 90% of things with our dominant hand: writing, eating, brushing your teeth, zipping up your coat, opening doors, holding things, using a remote, and on and on.

Today's exercise is this: for the next week, be aware of how many things you do with your dominant hand, then make a conscious effort to do those things with your left hand. This will do 2 important things:

  1. Improve your weaker hand skills.
  2. Change your thinking about how you do things.
Please leave comments on your experience.

It's all about perspective…

~ MB


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