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The Continuum of Your Musical Career

Some of the best advice I've heard for young musicians is, 

Always play with people who are better than you. ” This makes a lot of sense, because as young musicians/artists, we need mentoring, we need guidance, and we need to work with people who's experience and talent will help pull us up, help challenge us.

When I was younger, around 17-20, I regularly played with older, more experienced musicians. I often subbed for a big band that was comprised of mostly high school band directors from the area. It was a challenge, because they knew the charts inside and out. They played all the old big band arrangements authentically, so there was no room for me to slack. I had to be on my game. I had to go back and listen to the original recordings so I could play the correct style/feel. But it was a great experience because the band was so on all the time. 

Another group I regularly played with was a Dixieland Quartet, led by a pianist who was in his late 60s. It was piano, clarinet/sax…